26 Oct 2006

New Caledonia's CSTNC union will march through Noumea today as part of strike action

6:55 am on 26 October 2006

The New Caledonian CSTNC union is planning to march through the capital Noumea today as part of its five week long strike action.

The union wants all Filipinos employed by the Goro Nickel mining company to leave the territory, and the government to resign.

All demands have been rejected by the government, and last attempts to hold talks between the union and the government were ditched after the union leader, Sylvain Nea, publicly insulted local and French politicians.

The union has mainly tagetted the territory's nickel industry and is continuing to block an SLN mine in the north.

SLN says its smelter is in a critical situation as ore is in short supply.