2 Nov 2006

Fiji army says PM's refusal to resign points country to bloodshed

7:44 am on 2 November 2006

The commander of the Fiji military says the Prime Minister's refusal to resign is pointing the country in the direction of bloodshed.

Two days ago Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase failed in a bid to oust the commander from his job, and yesterday Mr Qarase himself refused to step down.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama is currently visiting Fijian troops in the Middle East, but is expected back soon.

He says the last thing he wants is violence or bloodshed, but the government is pushing the army in that direction.

"He says the fact the Prime minister does not want to accede to our request, and the fact that he has called for the meeting of the Great Council Chiefs means to the military that he put us in a situation where there is going to be bloodshed and violence."

Commodore Bainimarama says another coup is NOT inevitable but it's up to Mr Qarase to do the right thing.