4 Nov 2006

Fiji's military questions integrity of police commissioner

6:25 am on 4 November 2006

Fiji's military has publicly questioned the integrity of the country's Australian police commissioner, Andrew Hughes.

Doubts about Mr Hughes integrity have been expressed by the acting military commander, navy Captain Esala Teleni, on the issue of the military's taking its imported ammunition from Suva wharf.

Captain Teleni says he had asked Mr Hughes not to go to the media on the issue more than a week ago but Mr Hughes had done so.

Captain Teleni says after this, his cooperation with Mr Hughes is over.

Captain Teleni has also told a parade of his troops in Suva that the military is the last bastion of law and order in the country, not the police as claimed by Mr Hughes.

Meanwhile, Captain Teleni has given the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, an assurance that the military will not carry out a coup or destabilize his government.

But, he says, the military will continue to oppose controversial legislative Bills which the military believes are not in the interest of the country.