6 Nov 2006

CSTNC strike in New Caledonia in seventh week

2:09 pm on 6 November 2006

The CSTNC union strike in New Caledonia has entered its seventh week and the union says it is determined to maintain its action.

The union is demanding several things, including the departure of all Filipino workers employed by the Goro Nickel company and cheaper living costs.

Police say two SLN company mines in the north of the territory are still blocked and a SLN spokesperson, Florence Dhie, says it is having a meeting with union representatives this afternoon.

Other unions are critical of the action and now the USOENC union has made a statement, saying it is getting annoyed by the disruptions and has made an appeal to the French president, Jacques Chirac.

All government attempts to negotiate a solution have been unsuccessful, and a congress spokesperson says no further talks with CSTNC are planned.