6 Nov 2006

Fiji's police chief denies any police connection with Australians brought in last Friday

7:28 pm on 6 November 2006

Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says the police did not have any involvement with the group of Australian nationals who arrived in Nadi and allegedly bypassed the proper channels.

The military commander of the Land Forces, Colonel Pita Driti, had alleged they were Australian police and that they were escorted out of the airport by Fiji police.

But, Mr Hughes, rejected the allegations.

"Let me state quite categorically, I have not asked for, nor received, any police reinforcement from Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else. And, I have not asked for, nor received, any equipment, including arms and ammunition from Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else. Hope I'm quite clear on that."

Mr Hughes says the New Zealand high commission informed him of the small group of New Zealand police which arrived.

He says they're confined to the role of providing increased security at the mission, they're not out on the streets, nor are they working with Fiji police.

Australia says there were no extra police sent although there was a group of personnel which arrived and is at the High Commission.