7 Nov 2006

Seven week strike in New Caledonia harming economy - says Commerce Commission

6:58 am on 7 November 2006

The commerce commission in New Caledonia says the nearly seven week long CSTNC strike is causing harm across the economy and should stop.

The union has called for foreign workers to depart the country and for the cost of living to be cut.

Police say the strikers continue to block access to two SLN company mines in the north of the territory.

Losses for the company are in the millions, but an economic advisor at the commerce commission, Anne Le Leizour, says the strike is affecting all economic sectors.

"We do know that this has got a lot of influence on the economy of New Caledonia. What we do is tell all the authorities, all the political authorities, we make some sort of sensibilisation towards them in order to have normal economic activity."

Anne Le Leizour.

All government attempts to negotiate a solution have been unsuccessful and a congress spokesperson says no further talks with the union have been orgainsed at this stage.