8 Nov 2006

More talks scheduled in New Caledonia in bid to end strike

4:58 pm on 8 November 2006

The New Caledonian congress is scheduled to have a meeting with the striking CSTNC union tomorrow.

The union's strike is in its seventh week to demand cheaper living costs, the departure of all foreign workers employed in the Goro nickel project and the government's resignation.

The latter two demands have been rejected but our correspondent, Tuo Chinula, says the congress has now decided to act in a bid to lower the cost of living.

"So they basically decided to vote on import taxes on certain products, basic necessities, such as cooking oil or sugar. So that should make those products more affordable. 14"

Tuo Chinula says the strike is damaging the country's economy tremendously, and two SLN company mines are still blocked by unionists, with losses for the company being in the millions of dollars.