16 Nov 2006

American Samoan piggeries defy local laws

2:04 pm on 16 November 2006

A survey of piggeries in American Samoa has found that 97 percent fail to comply with local laws.

The survey recorded 940 piggeries and 7,800 pigs in the territory.

It found almost all did not have permits, with many discharged effluent directly into streams, utilized open bottom cesspools or had improperly constructed septic tanks.

The survey also found that most piggeries were built too close to homes and cook houses.

It says around 300 of the piggeries must shut down.

The survey was aimed at ennsuring that diseases such as leptospirosis which has claimed at least four lives in the last three years,, do not flourish.

Inspectors have given all the piggeries to 30 days to comply.