17 Nov 2006

US environmental protection agency makes millions of dollars over enforcement action

12:03 pm on 17 November 2006

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's says enforcement action it has taken in American Samoa, Guam, and CNMI for 2006 has resulted in nearly 15 million US dollars being committed to correct violations and prevent future pollution.

An increased focus on compliance with hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, and oil spill management regulations made up the majority of the cases for the three territories.

The most significant action take in American Samoa was a ten thousand dollar settlement with the Langkilde Service Station over underground storage tank violations at its facility in Malaloa.

Tri Marine International was fined five thousand US dollars for the improper disposal of a tuna skiff in Pago Pago Harbor.

The company had scuttled the tuna skiff without a permit.

The USEPA also fined the American Samoa Port Authority and it is now working on an updated comprehensive oil spill prevention and control plan for the commercial harbour and airport.