18 Nov 2006

More controversy over use of Samoan flag in Pago Pago

1:08 pm on 18 November 2006

There has been continued controversy in American Samoa about the use of the Samoan flag.

Circus master Tupai Bruno Royale was flying the flag of Samoa at his circus venue in American Samoa despite instructions from the department of Public Safety to take it down.

Tupai says he consulted Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin and lawmaker Muavaefaatasi Ae Ae Jr. to be told that he could fly any flag he wanted.

Tupai says the word he received from the Congressman is that he was flying the flag on government lands, which he was paying rent for, and there is no law to prevent him from flying the flag of Samoa.

As he was setting up his tents, Tupai was visited by two police officers who said that they were given instructions by the acting chief of Police Leseiau Laumoli to take down the flag of Samoa.

Tupai obeyed even though he was upset.

He says he has flown the Samoan flag on his tents before and had not had any trouble.