20 Nov 2006

New Caledonia minister describes CSTNC as terrorist movement

5:12 pm on 20 November 2006

New Caledonia's minister for mining and economic development, Didier Leroux, has described the CSTNC strike as a terrorist movement.

The CSTNC strike has affected the territory for almost two months to back demands that the government resign, all Filipino workers leave and living costs be lowered.

All attempts to negotiate a solution have failed, and the minister for economic development and mining, Didier Leroux, says the government will not enter any new negotiations with the union.

"I think that the movement, which I wouldn't call a strike, but which is more or less like a terrorist movement, will die slowly its own death, because the number of people which are concerned are diminishing every day. But still, they have a nuisance capability, which is still quite strong."

Didier Leroux, the minister for economic development and mining in New Caledonia.

Meanwhile, the CSTNC leader, Sylvain Nea, is acknowledging that the strike is not going well and says he may be calling it off.