21 Nov 2006

French official for nuclear safety agrees on a number of key demands

11:17 am on 21 November 2006

The French Polynesian government says a French official for nuclear safety, Marcel Jurien de la Graviere, has agreed on a number of the government's key demands relating to nuclear tests.

France conducted more than 40 atmospheric nuclear tests and has always maintained that they were clean and safe, but this is being challenged.

Mr Gravier vistited the territory and a MP, Tea Hirshon, says the French representative agreed on a number of key issues.

"This was agreed on during this meeting with him that he would give us an answer before the end of the year to the opportunity to have a doctor paid by them. And then we also had discussions on the possibility of putting two members of the government on the mission to take sampling of fauna and flora. 21"

Ms Hirshon says they have also talked about a nuclear waste clean up, but France is still reluctant to release a list of names of the former test site workers.