22 Nov 2006

Bougainville police dispatch medical teams following Musingku gunfight

4:41 pm on 22 November 2006

Police in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville say they have dispatched medical evacuation teams to travel to near Tonu where a deadly gunfight took place yesterday.

Police have confirmed that wanted conman Noah Musingku was shot and four of his bodyguards killed in an attack on the U-Vistract operator's base.

Police Sergeant Jeffrey Magum says one of the Bougainville Freedom Fighters who attacked the base was also killed and two were wounded.

Sergeant Magum says several other Musingku supporters are also believed injured, including three of a group of five Fijian mercenaries, who are wanted for arrest.

Both sides have fled in different directions, and Police want to reach all involved in the gunfight, primarily on humanitarian grounds.

"So the boat has been dispatched on both sides to evacuate them to Buka immediately. For the Fijians, they will have to be answerable to the law for their activities, involvement with the U-Vistract soldiers. And we are preparing to interrogate them and hopefully lay formal charges, and also they have overstayed their visas in Bougainville."