23 Nov 2006

Honolulu Court agrees to continue jury trial for two facing sex trafficking charges

9:19 am on 23 November 2006

The Honolulu Federal District Court has agreed to a continuance of the jury trial for the two Chinese defendants facing sex trafficking charges.

Magistrate Kevin Chang signed an order continuing the jury trial for Fu Shen Kuo and Shenji Wang from December 5th to March 28th next year.

The reason for the requested continuance is that additional time is needed to translate documents and conduct a forensic examination of two computers which were seized on September 1, 2006. during the execution of a search warrant at Kuo's residence.

The documents and computers have been turned over to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in American Samoa.

Another reason for the postponement was that prosecutors and defense attorneys needed additional time for investigation and trial preparation.

The court found that the ends of justice served by granting a continuance allowing the defendants continuity of counsel outweighed the best interests of the public and the defendants in having a speedy trial.