24 Nov 2006

Fiji's Opposition leader not worried by FLP leader

12:02 pm on 24 November 2006

Fiji's Opposition leader claims it'll be no skin off his nose if Mahendra Chaudhry takes the job off him.

Mick Beddoes made the comment amid speculation that the multi party cabinet is about to collapse, forcing him to take a back seat in parliament.

The Prime Minister is threatening to dismiss the four Labour Party cabinet ministers who voted against the budget, if they don't resign, and is expected to ask Mr Chaudhry to provide replacements MPs.

But the Labour leader has said that the multi party cabinet will go down with any ministers who are dismissed.

Mr Beddoes says Labour's stance is ridiculous.

"I find it a ridiculous prospect, simply because I cannot imagine that a political party would opt to go for one position and ignore nine cabinet positions in order to achieve it."

He says if Mr Chaudhry pulls the plug on the multi party system, he can hardly chalk it up as a success.