27 Nov 2006

Pacific Concerns Resource Centre criticises move of US forces to Guam

5:52 am on 27 November 2006

The Fiji-based NGO, the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, is critical of the US decision to move its forces from Okinawa to Guam.

It says the US military continues to display an arrogant attitude by ignoring the desire of Guam's indigenous Chamorro people to determine for themselves the use and management of their ancestral lands.

The US is expected to spend 15 billion US dollars over the next decade to expand its bases in Guam.

Ema Tagicakibau of the PCRC in Suva says the transfer is a waste of money and a security risk for Pacific countries.

"While they say it's an economic boost to the countries in the northern Pacific region, we see this as a really grave security and safety risk for us."

Ema Tagicakibau says storing up weapons of war in the form of bombers, tankers and other military arsenal, does not lead to sustainable peace.