28 Nov 2006

Fiji's military calls on Police Commissioner to keep quiet

3:46 pm on 28 November 2006

Fiji's military says the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, is aggravating the situation in the country by continually speaking out.

The Land Forces commander, Colonel Pita Driti, says it would be better if Mr Hughes, who has said threats were made against him by elements in the military, kept quiet.

Colonel Pita Driti says the military is not threatening Mr Hughes who said he received a pointed threat from within the coup planning area of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, the RFMF.

The police commissioner sent his family to Australia and is moving between locations as a result of the threats made yesterday while armed soldiers walked the streets of Suva.

Colonel Driti says it would be better if Mr Hughes stopped speaking out.

"My only advice is that the more he speaks, the more he creates his own threatening environment around him. And, he's the only one that is to be blamed for feeling insecure because we don't, we're not actually directing any threats against him. That's all I can say."

Colonel Driti says he is unaware of threats made against New Zealand which has moved some of its staff from its High Commission.

He says there is too much speculation and paranoia and everyone should keep calm.