29 Nov 2006

One of the five expelled Fiji Labour Party members to appeal decision

2:54 pm on 29 November 2006

One of the five expelled members of the Fiji Labour Party says he will appeal against the decision.

Former MP, Vijay Singh, says the decision by the National Council to dump the five party members, including two cabinet ministers in the multi-party government, is unfair.

He says he was never given a chance at any of the preceding council meetings to present his case although the party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, was.

The five, who can appeal the decision, were expelled after questioning Mr Chaudhry's decision to block Mr Singh's nomination to the upper house, the senate.

"This is not the end of the road yet, we will seek legal advice on that and of course, we will appeal whichever possible way. We should be able to get back to the council and let the council listen to both stories and make a fair judgement but I think, right now, not very satisfied."

Mr Singh says he gave up his safe seat in the lower house of parliament and was told by the party's management board that his nomination to the senate earlier this year would go ahead until Mr Chaudhry intervened.

He says the party is run as a dictatorship and it's a sad day when its five founding members are among those getting thrown out.