29 Nov 2006

Fiji Labour Party members to appeal expulsion

4:52 pm on 29 November 2006

There is to be at least one appeal over the Fiji Labour Party's decision to expel five of its senior members, including two cabinet ministers.

Former MP, Vijay Singh, says he will definitely be seeking legal advice because he's never been allowed to present his case to the national council, although the party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has.

He says the party is run as a one man band, like a dictatorship.

The five members, who can apppeal, were expelled after challenging Mr Chaudhry's decision to block Mr Singh's nomination to the upper house, the senate.

Mr Singh says he gave up the opportunity to stand for his safe seat in parliament and was told by the party's management board that he would get the senate nomination until Mr Chaudhry intervened.

"We should not run a party like that. There's nothing wrong in raising questions to the party leader. Now, whoever has questioned the party leader in Fiji Labour party has been expelled, has been fired. Now, that should not be the case. In a democratic country, anybody should be allowed to raise concerns, to raise questions, as many as you can, to keep the party's principles and to uphold its integrity."

Mr Singh says he would like to present his case to the national council.