30 Nov 2006

Five Fijian former soldiers linked to Noah Musingku still at large in Bougainville

11:55 am on 30 November 2006

Five Fijian former soldiers linked to U-Vistract leader Noah Musingku, and wanted by police, remain at large in the Papua New Guinea autonomous province of Bougainville.

Three of the five men are believed injured following a deadly shootout at the U-Vistract base near Tonu last week.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that the men have left the base and have set up camp in Muwoku village.

Mr Musingku, a notorious money sam operator wanted by police, is also reported to have sustained a serious injury.

The self-proclaimed King and members of his militia are receiving treatment to wounds they received in the raid by the Bouin Freedom Fighters last week.

The Fiji High Commission in PNG, is keeping tightlipped on its efforts to repatriate the five Fijian nationals while the PNG Government is looking for a peaceful solution and safe passage of these Fijians.

The Fijians, who are in close contact with their High Commission, have also alerted that they are waiting for their payout from Musingku before leaving Bougainville.