30 Nov 2006

Asian embassies in Fiji calm as Western missions are alarmed

11:35 am on 30 November 2006

Asian diplomatic missions based in Suva have not issued any advisories to their citizens to avoid traveling to Fiji or for their nationals to leave.

Nor have any of their diplomatic staff left Fiji or the missions curtailed any of their operations.

This is despite Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the United States issuing such advisories cautioning their citizens not to travel and to leave if they are already there.

Australian warships in the western Pacific are reportedly standing by to evacuate their citizens.

The Chinese ambassador in Fiji, Cai Jian Pio, has told the Daily Post their embassy is still functioning normally.

Mr Cai says they are closely monitoring the situation and hoping for a peaceful resolution.

The media liaison officer at the Indian high commission in Suva, A K Sarkaar, says the commission is functioning as normal.

Mr Sarkaar says they are not planning to close down for business as other embassies have done.

He says there are too many visa applications to be processed.