30 Nov 2006

Fiji police tightlipped about arrest plans

4:41 pm on 30 November 2006

Fiji police won't say whether they tried to have the military commander arrested while he was in New Zealand.

The Fiji Sun reports that the police commissioner made a bid to have Commodore Frank Bainimarama arrested but failed.

Miss Clark is quoted as saying there had been some interest in Fiji to arrest Commodore Bainimarama for sedition while he was in New Zealand on a private visit.

But she said her government assured him that there was no risk of his arrest.

A Fiji police spokeswoman Sylvia Low, was tightlipped about the matter.

"Fine, if that's what she said, then that's what she said, and we're not going to counter that, or validate that or anything. We're just not going to say anything at all, other than to say that investigations into that are continuing."

Two Fiji police officers had travelled to New Zealand, but Sylvia Low declined to say why.