4 Dec 2006

UNHCR continuing search to resettle last Iraqi refugee from Nauru

2:34 pm on 4 December 2006

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR, says negotiations to resettle an Iraqi refugee, Muhammad Faisal, are continuing.

Mr Faisal and another Iraqi man, Mohammed Sagar, were taken to a processing centre on Nauru five years ago and although they have been declared genuine refugees, Australia's security agency declared them security risks.

A Scandinavian country has now agreed to resettle Mr Sagar, but the future of Mr Faisal is still at balance.

A UNHCR, spokesperson, Ariane Rummery, says the agency is working on a solution for Mr Faisal.

"The situation for Mr Faisal is that the UNHCR agreed to look for a resolution and we are still continuing to pursue efforts to find him one. I am not able to disclose where that might be at this stage however. 11"

UNHCR spokesperson, Ariane Rummery.

Meanwhile, a human rights advocate, Susan Metcalfe, says Mr Faisal has applied for a re-assessment of his security status.