5 Dec 2006

Scandinavian country accepts Iraqi refugee held on Nauru

12:43 pm on 5 December 2006

A lawyer for an Iraqi refugee held on Nauru, says the man is thrilled and excited that a Scandinavian country has accepted to resettle him.

The Iraqi man, Mohammed Sagar, was taken to a processing centre on Nauru five years ago and although he has been declared a refugee, he is considered by Australia to be national security risk.

A Scandinavian country has now agreed to resettle him, and his lawyer, Julian Burnside, says Mr Sagar is very excited to leave Nauru behind him.

"He plans to restart his life. He had his thirtieth birthday recently, I spoke to him on the day. He really sounded like someone who thought his life was over and now at last he can start it up again. He is very good with computers and he was in fact instructing at the University of the South Pacific, instructing Nauruans on the use of computers, and I think he wants to continue his computer studies."

Mr Burnside says the country is not being disclosed, but Mr Sagar is expected to leave Nauru before Christmas.