6 Dec 2006

New Zealand announces more sanctions against Fiji

4:19 pm on 6 December 2006

The New Zealand prime minister Helen Clark has just announced a raft of further sanctions against Fiji.

New Zealand has already announced travel restrictions and an end to bi-lateral miltary ties with Fiji as a result of the military takeover.

Miss Clark says all bi-lateral, ministerial contact with any member of the purported new Government in Fiji will be suspended, unless it is for dialogue and mediation purposes.

And any members of that administration will be barred from travelling to New Zealand.

The New Zealand government will freeze any new development aid, and review all current funding.

Any member of the Fiji military who is either studying or training in New Zealand will be sent home.

Fiji citizens will be excluded from the seasonal workers scheme - announced recently - that gives preference to job seekers from the Pacific Islands.

All sporting contact between Fiji and New Zealand will also be suspended.