7 Dec 2006

Tonga market vendors find temporary premises after riot destruction

4:33 pm on 7 December 2006

200 market vendors in Tonga are moving to new premises following the destruction of Nuku'alofa's main produce markets in the riot.

The Talamahu market in central Nuku'alofa, has been out of bounds to the public following the rioting which left six people dead.

The produce sellers are now holding their market at the Tofoa Fair, next to the Tonga National Centre.

Matangi Tonga online reports that the vendors re-located at Tofoa, are mostly sellers of handicrafts and second-hand clothing.

Those selling food stuffs have preferred to set up stalls on the side of the road at Fanga.

Criminal investigations are still being carried out in the central business district so the Talamahu market is not expected to be reopened in time for Christmas.