11 Dec 2006

Solomon Islands government to set aside money for NGO sector

2:57 pm on 11 December 2006

The Solomon Islands government is to set aside ten percent of the money it collects to fund work in villages being undertaken by churches and NGOs.

The secretary to cabinet, Dr John Roughan, says he understands that the government monies will be generated through royalties, taxes and duties.

Dr Roughan says it's the first time the government of the day has committed itself to such a scheme which is part of its plan to enhance life in the villages, where 85 percent of the population lives.

"This government has said that in 2007 they're going to be tithing, at about 10 percent of all money collected, would be used with the churches and NGO sectors, to reach out to the villages and the villagers, in places and times that the government is unable."

Dr Roughan says the idea is to use these already functioning organisations and structures to help out with government programmes.

There is little detail available at this point as to what these plans will entail as the budget is still being discussed with caucus.