12 Dec 2006

Two high profile Solomon Islands political figures released on bail

11:25 am on 12 December 2006

Two more high profile political figures in Solomon Islands, who were arrested and detained over the riots in Honiara in April, have been granted bail by the High Court.

This follows the granting of bail to the MP for East Honiara, Charles Dausabea, two weeks ago on connected charges.

The MP for Central Honiara, Nelson Ne'e, and the former Honiara mayor, David Dausabea, were released from custody although bail conditions have been imposed.

The SIBC reports that the High Court decision followed an appeal by both men against a Magistrates court's refusal to grant them bail.

The two must surrender their passports, report to police twice a week and reside at their own homes.

In related developments, the High Court has rejected a submission to ban Charles Dausabea from performing his duties as an MP whilst on bail.

The Solomon Star says the application called for the bail conditions to be restricted so that the MP could not carry out any forms of employment.

But, the judge says Mr Dausabea can't be stopped from performing his duties as he's an MP.

This now means the MP can attend caucus meetings and parliament, as well as meet his constituents.