14 Dec 2006

Fundamentalist churches in Fiji see links between coup makers and witchcraft

2:46 pm on 14 December 2006

A group of Fiji's fundamentalist Christian churches have issued a statement describing the coup as a physical demonstration and manifestation of an evil force which is biblically known as witchcraft.

Those behind the statement include the Methodist Church, but not the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

The churches say the evil force they are talking about characterizes itself through domination, intimidation and manipulation.

They say they want to warn all citizens of Fiji that they are dealing with a dictator who capitalizes on using military propaganda based on conspiracy, lies and deceit to suit his own purposes.

Their statement says the churches condemn the dictatorial action of the commander demonstrated in the sacking of high ranking officers within the army which has now spilled over into the public service.

They say the rule of law that the commander purports to uphold and his request to the nation to remain calm and to continue to be law abiding, is deceitful and hypocritical with individuals now harassed and homes and offices now forcefully entered and terrorised.

The fundamentalist churches say all the people should stand together and engage in acts of passive resistance and carry out peaceful demonstrations against the illegal regime.