15 Dec 2006

Claims of secret work in New Caledonia to defy injunction

4:30 pm on 15 December 2006

The New Caledonian Kanak activist group, Rheebu Nuu, maintains its claims that the Goro Nickel company is secretly continuing construction at its waste storage site, despite a court injunction.

A court in France issued an injunction for the construction of the company's waste storage site amid environmental concerns.

But the territory's southern province government ordered the company to continue working to ensure the environmental safety of the site.

Rheebu Nuu continues to claim the company is secretly continuing construction, although this was dismissed by Goro Nickel.

Our correspondent in Noumea says it went to the construction site with some experts and a local TV crew.

"What came out of it was, according to the specialist from the southern province that were there and people working for Goro Nickel [is that] they weren't doing anything illegal. They have stopped construction at the site. What came out was basically that Rheebu Nuu did not agree with the specialists working for the southern province or engineers working for Goro Nickel. Rheebu Nuu believes that this is just an excuse to go around the law and continue the construction, which was supposed to have stopped."

Tuo Chinula