21 Dec 2006

Papuan villagers make demands after inmate's death

4:22 pm on 21 December 2006

Villagers in Timika in Indonesia's Papua province say they will not take back the remains of a man who died in prison three weeks ago until the government meets certain demands.

Ardi Sugumol, who died on December 1st in Jakarta from tuberculosis, had been convicted over a fatal ambush four years ago near the Freeport mine.

Two American teachers and an Indonesian colleague were killed in the attack.

The director of the Elsham human rights group in Papua, Aloysius Renwarin, says the traditional community in Timika requires three things from the government before accepting Ardi's remains for burial.

He says they want the other seven people convicted over the ambush to be transferred to Timika.

In addition they say the FBI and the Indonesian government need to explain just how these seven were involved.

This follows claims that they are victims of a conspiracy.

Mr Renwarin says the Timika villagers have threatened to close down the mine if these demands are not met.