27 Dec 2006

Switching off street lights saves thousands of dollars in Northern Marianas

11:08 am on 27 December 2006

A decision to switch off the streetlights in Tinian in the Northern Marianas has resulted in huge power savings.

The monthly power bill has dropped from 32 thousand US dollars to just under four thousand.

The decision to turn off the 700 lights was made by Tinian's mayor, Jose P. San Nicolas, following the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.'s decision to impose higher electric rates.

The Tinian legislative delegation has commended Mayor San Nicolas for initiating the measures despite complaints and criticisms.

Mr San Nicolas has allowed streetlights to stay on in residential areas, road intersections and seaport and airport areas, where security and safety of residents and vehicles are at risk.

Tinian has more than a thousand streetlights in total.