4 Jan 2007

Samoa to celebrate 95th birthday of head of state

11:18 am on 4 January 2007

The differing views of when Samoa's head of state was born will be resolved at a special luncheon on Thursday local time to mark his birthday.

Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II has been head of state since 1960.

Our correspondent in Samoa, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says the government is to make a formal proclamation of when the head of state was born.

"The government will make a special announcement of the birthday of the head of state because the government will correct the exact year the head of state was born, which is 1913, not 1912."

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia says no overseas guests, have been invited to attend the function.