4 Jan 2007

New Zealand Council for International Development condemns Fiji military

11:20 am on 4 January 2007

The New Zealand Council for International Development, or CID, is calling for the Fiji military to reinstate human rights after six pro democracy activists alleged they were abused by the military.

The six arrested on Christmas Eve allege they were physically and verbally abused by the military.

The Commodore Bainimarama told the Fiji Times that he makes no apology for the action taken by the military, although he adds that he's not sure what action was taken because he wasn't there.

The CID's executive director, Rae Julian, says her organisation condemns the military's use of violence.

"It sickened me, because I know these women and men and they are not people who would have behaved in any way that would have caused the violence. All they have been doing is saying we must get back to democracy."

Ms Julian says the mistreatment could be seen as a form of torture.