8 Jan 2007

American Samoa's senate to scrutinize new senator's past conviction

4:21 pm on 8 January 2007

The American Samoa Senate will scrutinize the pardon granted to a new senator.

The Samoa News reports that Senate President Lolo Moliga has compiled information to present to senators, regarding the background of senate hopeful Vaitautolu Liugalua, which includes a copy of his pardon by late Governor Uifa'atali Peter Coleman, for a criminal conviction.

Vaitautolu has been selected as the new senator for Manu'a District Number One.

Samoa News says that it has received information that Vaitautolu, a former cabinet member, was convicted of a sex-related crime, but he was pardoned by Governor Coleman.

Vaitautolu's name will be officially presented to Senators when the Senate convenes again on Tuesday.