15 Jan 2007

Conman Peter Foster may get jail term and large fine in Vanuatu

6:53 pm on 15 January 2007

The international conman Peter Foster may get a jail term and a large fine in Vanuatu, if found guilty of illegal entry.

Peter Foster is awaiting his court appearance in Vanuatu this afternoon, on charges of entering the country illegally after escaping military guards in Fiji last week.

Vanuatu Police superintendent Willie Ben says Foster claimed to be sick when he was arrested on Sunday, but has since been deemed fit to attend court.

Meanwhile Fiji's military spokesman Neumi Leweni says that arrangements will soon be made for Foster's extradition back to Fiji, where he is wanted for criminal charges.

Pacnews reports the Federated States of Micronesia is also likely to seek Foster's extradition, to face further charges.

Australia has confirmed it will not seek to extradite Peter Foster from Vanuatu.