19 Jan 2007

New Caledonian strikers to return to work after reinstatement of dismissed colleagues

11:10 am on 19 January 2007

A four month long CSTNC union strike in New Caledonia has come to an end.

The strike has mostly affected the New Caledonian SLN nickel mining company and SLN has dismissed six of its employees taking part in the CSTNC strike in mid December as a consequence.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Tuo Chinula, says the union and SLN have now reached a deal that is ending the strike.

"The strike is over, because the CSTNC and the SLN have come to an agreement of reinstating these sacked workers."

Tuo Chinula says the CSTNC leader, Sylvain Nea, had earlier offered his resignation in exchange for the reinstatement.

But she says it is not clear at this stage if he will indeed resign.