22 Jan 2007

Four month strike resolved in new Caledonia

3:09 pm on 22 January 2007

The CSTNC union and the SLN mining company in New Caledonia are now working through the details after reaching an agreement to end a four month long strike.

The strike mostly affected SLN and the company had earlier sacked some of the striking workers but had agreed to reinstate them if the strike was called off.

Our correspondent in Noumea, Tuo Chinula, says both parties are now working out the details of the agreement such as how the workers will be re-employed.

"The union and the SLN came to the agreement to end the strike. The strike is over and all that is left now is little bits and pieces, including an agreement needs to be reached between the company and the union on the conditions in which the sacked workers will be reinstated into the company."