22 Jan 2007

Kanak activists from New Caledonia may go to Brazil to talk with mining giant

8:05 pm on 22 January 2007

New Caledonian Kanak representatives say Goro Nickel's new mother company, CVRD of Brazil, has invited them for talks at the beginning of next month.

Goro Nickel is the largest project in the South Pacific, but some Kanak groups, particularly Rheebu Nuu, oppose aspects of it on environmental grounds.

A Kanak spokesperson, Jacques Boengkih, says CVRD's management wants to talk things through with Kanak representatives.

"CVRD has invited a delegation to go to Brazil. And the delegation should be made of representatives of the customary senate and also from the chiefs of the organisation called Caugern."

Mr Boengkih says it is not clear if they will accept the invitation.