23 Jan 2007

Ousted Fiji prime minister plans legal action over the military overthrow

2:59 pm on 23 January 2007

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister says he's mounting legal action against the military, even though its interfering with the judiciary.

Laisenia Qarase and members of the former ruling SDL party are filing legal action on the grounds that the military takeover on December 5th was illegal.

Mr Qarase says he's seeking a declaration that he remains the legal prime minister, the constitution is in place and the appointment of an interim adminstration was illegal.

However he says the judiciary's independence is questionable.

"I'm losing confidence in our judiciary unfortunately because for the first time in our history the military and interim administration, they've actually interfered in the working of the judiciary. It is a sad day for Fiji but it has happened."

Fiji TV reports that prominent Suva lawyer Tevita Fa is representing the claimants.