23 Jan 2007

Solomon Islanders warned to ignore promises from an ongoing money scam

3:02 pm on 23 January 2007

The Central Bank of Solomon Islands has issued a strong warning to the public over a money scam called the Family Charity Fund.

The state broadcaster, the SIBC, says the bank has told people to ignore promises that they will receive money from the fund.

The bank gave the warning after it received a copy of a forged letter using its letterhead and carrying a fake signature of the governor, being circulated by the promoters of the fraudulent scheme.

The letter promised payments to members on January 27th.

The bank says the public must ignore such empty promises and get on with their lives, saying the letter is a deception, and part of a never ending cycle of lies.

It also reminded the public that the courts had convicted the promoters of the scam in November 2003 and that they had served jail terms.