23 Jan 2007

Solomons' broadcaster feels the pinch as the government cuts funding

8:38 pm on 23 January 2007

The Solomon Islands public broadcaster is already feeling the pinch from the government's decision to withdraw all funding.

The General Manager of the SIBC, Dykes Angiki says the broadcaster's 2007 annual budget, passed by the Board only four weeks ago, is now in disarray by the abrupt withdrawal of nearly 60-thousand US dollars of annual funding.

However, Mr Angiki dismisses the Public Accounts Committee's claim that the SIBC's annual grant is not properly accounted.

He says that is an excuse for withdrawing the funding, and is not based on fact.

"I think that's a whole heap of rubbish. We're not into the business of making profit and losses, we are a service industry. The only way the government can know where we're spending most of our money is our audited accounts. Again, it's beyond us, because by law only the Auditor General has the right to either audit the books of such statutory organisations or contract a private auditor to do that. That has not been done."

Dykes Angiki says new increased rates for advertising and promotion, programs sponsorship, service messages and equipment hire come into effect immediately.