26 Jan 2007

Fiji army raids illicit spirits plant in Nadi

10:39 am on 26 January 2007

A Fiji army raid on a garment factory at Namaka near Nadi Airport has uncovered a large, illegal liqueur manufacturing and distributing plant.

Customs officials accompanied the soldiers and found a complex set-up making large quantities of liqueurs in well known brands as well as labels and bottles of the right shape to go with the brands.

TV pictures late last night showed the packaged products ready for delivery to well known resorts around the Nadi area as well as liquor wholesalers and retailers.

2nd Lt Simione Qionibaravilala, who led the raid, says the premises was only a garment factory and did not have any liquor manufacturing licence.

2nd Lt Qionibaravilala says all the liqueur and distilling plant seized has been delivered to the police and a foreign businessman taken into custody.

He says such raids will continue as the army cracks down on illegal operations as part of its clean up campaign.

Last week an army raid on a factory in the Suva suburb of Raiwaqa uncovered an illegal plant making liquor for sale on the streets.