29 Jan 2007

Confidence from NZ market underlines swift recovery of Fiji tourism industry

7:26 pm on 29 January 2007

Fiji's Visitors Bureau says confidence in Fiji tourism from the New Zealand market especially has underlined the swift recovery of the tourism industry.

A large increase in bookings has followed the start of a promotion campaign in New Zealand earlier this month.

The campaign offered a 40% discount on airfares and hotel rates just as bookings had dropped off.

The Bureau's Chief Executive Bill Gavoka says the challenge to tourism posed by the military coup nearly two months ago was similar to previous coups in Fiji.

He says it demanded a determined response from the industry, co-operation with New Zealand partners and market belief in the product.

"The sooner we bring back any form of normalcy and we introduce campaigns in the key markets like New Zealand, the recovery is always very swift. I think it underlines the fact that people are very comfortable with the Fiji tourism products - they're very attractive. And for new Zealand in particular, more than fifty percent of our visitors have been here before."

Bill Gavoka