30 Jan 2007

Australia reiterates its concerns over the escape of Julian Moti from PNG

8:40 pm on 30 January 2007

Australia's new high commissioner to Papua New Guinea is maintaining the pressure on the PNG government to account for the escape of wanted Australian lawyer Julian Moti.

Chris Moraitis says Canberra wanted a robust investigation and appropriate action taken against those found responsible for Mr Moti's military assisted escape to Solomon Islands.

He told the Australia PNG Business Council that Canberra is watching the PNG Defence Force inquiry into the Moti affair with great interest and looked forward to the outcome.

Mr Moti escaped to the Solomons on a PNG military flight on October 10 last year, when Australian authorities were seeking to extradite him to face child sex charges.

Mr Moraitis says the manner of Mr Moti's departure from PNG was a matter of very serious concern to Australia.