7 Feb 2007

Solomons finance minister to redefine board roles

8:04 pm on 7 February 2007

The Solomon Islands finance minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says a better definition of the roles for boards of directors should lead to improved governance in state-owned enterprises.

In his budget speech this week, Mr Darcy Lilo, said legislation would be introduced to arrest the agencies' poor service.

He says boards have failed to exert control over management and this needs to change.

Mr Darcy Lilo says properly defining the role of the board and role of the minister should ensure there is no conflicting direction for the agency.

"'It makes things more efficient for the board to enforce their control and ensure that they work towards performing to the mandated responsibilities of the SOEs and at the same time it will give the ministers sufficient grounds for them to ensure that whether or not the boards are able to perform or what are the reasons that the boards are not able to perform according to those mandated responsibilities."

Gordon Darcy Lilo