9 Feb 2007

Photos revealed of alleged police crackdown in Papua

8:57 am on 9 February 2007

The first photographs have emerged of a crackdown by the Indonesian army and police force in the Puncak Jaya regency of Papua.

Thousands of people are said to be fleeing an operation targeting separatist rebels there.

The pictures were taken in the village of Mulia this week, according to campaigners who received the images in


Ben Lowings reports from London.

"One photograph shows a member of the Indonesian security forces standing next to a group of about sixty villagers who are sitting on an earth bank and appear to be being detained. The person who sent the pictures says Indonesian soldiers aren't allowing people access to food gardens. Another picture shows armed men standing next to burnt out all-terrain vehicles in what seems to be the aftermath of an attack - but it's not clear if the men shown are Indonesian soldiers or members of the rebel Free Papua Movement. There's been claim and counter claim about the latest operations by the Indonesian military. But the pictures confirm there has been fresh violence and displacement in a long-running and sporadic conflict between Indonesia and seperatist rebels in Papua."