9 Feb 2007

Fiji unions say what is good for the goose is also good for the gander

10:45 am on 9 February 2007

A Fiji trade union umbrella body says if civil servants' pay is to be slashed and their retirement age reduced to 55, the same should apply across the board to all interim cabinet ministers and High Court judges.

The Daily Post newspaper says the proposal has been put forward by the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions which is a rival body to the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

The Council has proposed a new law binding all people paid by taxpayers to the same set of conditions.

This would mean that all cabinet ministers, policy makers, members of the judiciary and all civil servants would suffer the same fate.

It would also mean that almost all interim cabinet ministers, chairmen and members of state-appointed commissions and members of the judiciary would have to retire because they are over 55 years of age.

The Council of Trade Unions vice-president, Taniela Tabu, says they have submitted their written proposal to the public service commission chairman, Rishi Ram, and are waiting for a response.