9 Feb 2007

China upset by Taiwan's involvement with PINA

2:49 pm on 9 February 2007

China has protested against Taiwanese involvement in the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA, conference to be held in Solomon Islands in May.

Papua New Guinea's newspaper, The National, quotes an unnamed spokesman from the Chinese embassy in Port Moresby, as saying that PINA must not be politicised and influenced by Taiwan.

The spokesman says the Chinese government opposed any attempts by Taiwan to influence the Pacific media.

He says the Chinese government regards Taiwan as an integral part of China.

The spokesman said the Chinese government was unhappy that the Media Association of Solomon Islands accepted a donation of 65,000 US dollars from Taiwan and is allowing a high-powered Taiwanese delegation to attend the conference.

He said most of the Pacific Islands states had diplomatic ties with China and supported the 'One China' policy, and therefore their media organisations should do the same.