12 Feb 2007

Solomons opposition disappointed at rejection of motions over Moti and arming police

6:10 am on 12 February 2007

The leader of the Solomon Islands opposition, Fred Fono, says he is disappointed there was not enough support for motions to stop the re-arming of the police force and allow a PNG inquiry to visit Honiara to investigate the Moti saga.

Mr Fono's first motion sought parliament's permission for the Government to allow the 'PNG Defence Board of Inquiry" to enter Solomon Islands to speak to those with information about Julian Moti's escape from PNG while on bail.

He says the motion was intended to allow PNG to complete its Inquiry, and to have Solomon Islanders implicated in the saga to clear their name including local government officials.

Mr Fono says he was frustrated that the second motion to prevent the government re-arming police officers was not passed as the plans have been condemned by people across the country.

"I'm disappointed that most members of Parliament who are backbenchers of Government or even Ministers have voted against their conscience. They know very well that there is a public out cry, there's public support for that motion, yet they voted against it."

Fred Fono says he will continue to raise those issues in Parliament.